ISR Eye Banks is a truly modern eye bank, the only eye bank in the United States to boast certified ISO Class 5, 7, & 8 Clean Rooms. ISR Eye Banks is dedicated to the procurement of ocular tissue in the United States. The ISR Eye Banks distributes ocular tissue to U.S. surgeons and has the largest international program in the U.S.A., exporting over 4000 corneas annually in over 50 countries. ISR Eye Banks has implemented a robust quality assurance program to ensure the highest quality in tissue recovery, processing and distribution. International Sight Restoration is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization licensed in the State of Florida with the Agency of Health Care Administration, registered with the Food & Drug Administration, and accredited with the Eye Bank Association of America.

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  • Sara Saied, Syria

    Sara Saied, Syria

    "congratulation for FAmily Donor because part of Donor esprit still live in my eye ,thanks to all the team in USA and Syria"

  • wael zien al dine , Syria

    wael zien al dine , Syria

    "Thanks to the family of Donors ,because they are giving the light to my eyes then to my life"

  • Amjad aiban, Syria

    Amjad aiban, Syria

    "I want to say to Family s Donor sorry for your lost ,but the greatest love in this world when any person give his life to the other and your donor do that,thanks"

  • Linda Grobbelaar, South Africa

    Linda Grobbelaar, South Africa

    "Words could never describe my sincerest gratitude towards the donor and her family for my new healthy cornea I received only five days ago. My deepest sympathy to your family with your great loss. Pray with me that this graft will be a complete success. I`ll keep in touch. Thankyou so much!"

  • Shalin Govender, South Africa

    Shalin Govender, South Africa

    "I am so sorry for the loss your family experienced. Through your generosity, you have provided me with the greatest gift I have ever received... my sight. I am still in recovery stages, and all went well with my surgery. As a token of my appreciation, I would like to form a trust named after your loved one. The responsibility of this trust is to provide optometric services to the underprivileged children in my country. Vision is one of the most undervalued privileges that people have, and these children are suffering in silence. Without vision they suffer many learning impediments, which go undiagnosed or unnoticed until it is too late for them to reap the early benefits of learning. Once again, thank you for your kindness. Please contact me when you are ready, I look forward to hearing from you."

  • ethan de fanti, South Africa

    ethan de fanti, South Africa

    "Dear Donor Family,

    We dont know how to thank you enough for donating a cornea for our son. He had a degenerated cornea and without this he would not have had the chance to see out of his eye. You truely gave us a gift that we will forever treasure.

    When we told little Ethan he would be getting a new eye he said "could he have a yellow one?" then he said "actually can I have one that sees like the other one"

    Thank you so so much!

    With Love
    Sherinne (Mom), Ivan (Dad), Ethan and Calum (Big Brother) "

  • Mark John sher, South Africa

    Mark John sher, South Africa

    "Thank you for giving me the gift of seeing clearly again. You are in my thoughts and prayers at this time and I feel eternally gratefull to you. I would like to correspond and be in contact with you should you wish. Warm regards"



    "There aren`t enough words to thank you for your action of love an genorosity in spite of your own great pain for your loss. You gave me a little part of your loved one to live through me, giving me hope to a better quality of life allowing the beautiful sun rays into my eyes. I want all of you to know that you will always be in my prayers for the rest of my life. I thank the Lord, the Doctors and all the people that made this beautiful miracle possible. From myself and my family, from our hearts with all our love... THANK YOU!!!!"

  • Nidia Valdiviez Olivas, Mexico

    Nidia Valdiviez Olivas, Mexico

    "Hello, My name is Nidia I am 8 years old. My parents and I give you thanks for your generous gift of sight, giving me the opportunity to be able to see them again through your donation. We can`t pay you but I know the Lord will fill your lives with blessings for your kindness. I promise to take very good care of my self so the cornea of your loved one will live through me for many years. Thank you very much"

  • Natasha Gokul, South Africa

    Natasha Gokul, South Africa

    "To my donor family

    There are no words to describe how grateful I am for the tremendous sacrifice you have made in order to give me a second lease on life.

    I am truly and deeply sorry for your recent loss of an innocent teenager. It took me all this time to come to terms with it and eventually have the courage to approach you`ll with this message of appreciation.

    I have a disease whereby the shape of my eye changes every year almost, causing major distortions in my vision. Hence i had to have a corneal transplant. I was on the waiting list here in South Africa for 3years and was not successful until I came accross this wonderful organization in the US.

    With your selfless help I was able to be operated on two months after contacting ISR. I truly have no words to describe how appreciative I am of your son donating his cornea to me. it was such a lovely and healthy cornea with which I can look forward to an easier life with little difficulty with my vision."

  • Laura McDermid, South Africa

    Laura McDermid, South Africa

    "Dear Donor Family, firstly I would like to extend my deepest sympathy for the loss of your loved one. Because of this person, my sight has been restored, and I am able to see clearly now for the first time in twenty years!
    I am eternally grateful to your loved one for having the foresight to donate their corneas to someone in need who they would never get to meet.
    I would love to hear from you and find out a little bit more about this selfless individual. My eternal gratitude, Laura"

  • Margarita Ramos Weckmann, Mexico

    Margarita Ramos Weckmann, Mexico

    "I am very grateful to my donor from whom Ihave received a new chance to have a better sight because of the cornea I was given.

    May God bless him/her and all his/her`s whole family."

  • rymond funga, South Africa

    rymond funga, South Africa

    "my name is raymond funga 18 years of age live in south africa in a smal town named ermelo mpumulaga
    was diagnosed with ceratoconus in both eyes in 2010
    the docter did put me on the donar list for my left eye in middle jan 2012
    on the 5 th march they called my parents that they got me a cornea
    it was the greatest news ever ,because of the thought that I might bealble to see better again
    6 march 2012 the Dr did my transplant and it was successful
    the following day dokter opend the eye and according the test results I could identify 4 letter on that stage
    that i never could managed before
    my sight is improving day by day
    my family and I are very greatful for the donar family what gave me the opportunity to be able to see normal again
    we would like to thank the family that donated the cornea
    may God bless this family in their loss of their beloved
    we are greatful towards the family that helped us in our time of need <"

  • Joyce Phillips, Barbados

    Joyce Phillips, Barbados

    "I thank you so much for the donation of your wife`s corneas. My mother is now quite elderly but still active and your wife`s gift has helped to ensure that she can continue to interact with her grandchildren as she has been accustomed.
    The operation has been quite successful and she is to be fitted with spectacles shortly in order to further improve her vision.
    With thanks again,
    Gerry Phillips"

  • WESSEL J MAREE, South Africa

    WESSEL J MAREE, South Africa

    "Dear Donor Family
    Please accept our sincere thanks for the cornea you donated. An accident with chemicals during 1996 left me blind in the one eye and only 5% sight in the other one. Many operations were done, with little or no positive results.
    Since the transplant last week Wednesday, I am starting to see objects more clearly every day, slowly but surely and the surgeon is very pleased with the results. I am looking forward to a bright new future :-)
    Many thanks , once again!"

  • Felipe de Jesús Ortiz Rojas, Mexico

    Felipe de Jesús Ortiz Rojas, Mexico

    "December 31, 2012

    By the time I start to write I am totally convinced are part of a great truth, my truth wonderful ...

    On January 4 is the first anniversary of one of the best things that have happened in my life, I got the chance to enjoy life and all thanks to the beautiful gesture that took you. I have not managed to find the words to describe my gratitude, I am sorry that the event had to happen, but I must say that her daughter became alchemist and discovered the secret of eternal life, she lives and will live forever in my, in their eyes are my wings, my freedom, my truth ...

    I ask a sincere apology for not having written before, the reason is unknown power have contact with you.

    Not to sound flippant, but I would like (if you allow it and agree) to correspond with you, as well as photos of the person who is so special to me. Annex my email in case of receiving a favorable response.

    In conclusion and not fall into the common, leave wi"

  • Romy, South Africa

    Romy, South Africa

    I have a disease called deceradecoma which is the thinning of the cornea and eventually leads to blindness and I had an cornea transplant approximately four months ago. I would love to get in contact with the family to thank them for there life saving gift to me because of them and am now able to continue my studies to become a teacher and hopefully next year when I have completed my studies I will be able to get a job.

    Please if you think you are a relative please please contact me."

  • Arelis Denisse Cortés Santiago, Puerto Rico

    Arelis Denisse Cortés Santiago, Puerto Rico

    "In a situation like this, I can only say thanks, that word summarizes everything. Since I was very young, I started to suffer Keratoconus and because of that, I lost a lot of my sight to the point to completely depend in others. But thanks to this second opportunity that life and you have given me, I have been born again. I will be thankful for eternity. Thanks to the transplant I am going to be able to continue studying and developing my life like before, but better. Thank you may God bless you."

  • CAROLINE MALAO, South Africa

    CAROLINE MALAO, South Africa

    "My name is Oratile Malao and Im a civil Engineering student from South Africa. I had a condition called Keratoconus, which is a diesease that affected my vision terribly but ever since the operation that was made possible due to the cornea that was donated to me, my eyesight has improved drastically.Hence Im writing this just to say how extraordinary grateful i am for the cornea that was donated to me. This gift really turned my life around in the most miraculous way ever. For more than 10 years I have never been able to see properly or read with my left eye and had to extensively depend on corretive lenses. My condition was really bad but thanks to this amazing gift my eyesight has become a whole lot better. This gift is the greatest blessing i have ever recieved in my entire life so once again i want to thank you and promise to cherish this gift forever. My prayers go out to your family and may God shower you with many more blessings."