Surgeon Membership

TEN™ (Tissue Exchange Network)

ISR is proud to present our innovative online database TEN™ (Tissue Exchange Network). TEN™ will allow surgeons to access the network site to view available corneas, request tissue, accept corneas, share papers, and complete Recipient Forms and Post-Operative Reports.


ISR has performed vigorous testing on shipping human eye tissue. Our shipments have been validated to keep a stable temperature up to 72 hours. All our shipments are professionally packaged and go through a quality control check. ISR adheres to all Federal and International regulations when exporting tissue.


Surgeons can utilize ISR preparation services for DSAEK, DMEK, DALK, and SALK. ISR Eye Banks offers the lowest preparation fee in the USA. Visit our Preparation Services page to view additional information.


Surgeons interested in becoming members of International Sight Restoration are required to register. To register, please click here: SURGEON REGISTRATION