World Sight Initiative

International Sight Restoration has started a World Sight Initiative that encompasses many programs created by ISR. ISR believes that Helping The World See® involves more than supplying ocular tissue to recipients. It requires education and implementation. Read below all the projects that comprise the World Sight Initiative.

SEEson'sGift of Sight™ Campaign

Our annual SEEson's Gift of Sight™Campaign takes place in December, where the U.S. experiences a large surplus of tissue due to holidays. ISR selects a country on an annual basis, where we team up with local surgeons in that region to perform surgeries. ISR ensures all tissue used for this great cause are given at no charge to indigent patients. Domestic surgeons are encouraged to join us in our annual SEEson's Gift of Sight™ Campaign. Please contact the office for more information or complete the application below.

SEEson`s Gift of Sight™ Campaign Application

Gratis Project

ISR operates the Gratis Project with the help of our member eye banks. Patients who are in desperate need of tissue and have an Expected Reimbursement Fee (ERF) of zero will receive a cornea without paying for a processing charge. Surgeons who would like to have a patient qualify for the Gratis Project must have their patient write a letter stating how a transplant would change their life, complete a Gratis Project Form, and send a self or family photograph. ISR does not want to make the patient’s life more difficult than it already has been, that’s why we make it an easy process.

International Ocular Distribution Program

ISR Eye Banks continuously supports the international community by reducing the processing fees of ocular grafts to restore sight. ISR Eye Banks utilizes the TEN™ online application to allow surgeons to view all ocular tissue for transplant where they are able to accept the tissue on a first come first serve basis. The program is built on the most equitable method available. ISR Eye Banks understands that each individual has unique financial circumstances and ensures that everyone can benefit from the generous gift given by the eye donors.

VISIO Training Academy

ISR Eye Banks has created a robust clinical training program, where surgeons can learn valuable surgical techniques. The new surgical skills acquired through the VISIO Training Academy will allow them to help their communities with the latest advancement in the medical field. ISR Eye Banks takes a public health approach when eradicating blindness throughout the world. ISR Eye Banks believes equipping surgeons with the educational tools they will need to make an impact on corneal blindness. The VISIO Training Academy provides a great foundation and expertise in establishing and creating an eye bank program. ISR Eye Banks has helped in starting many eye banks in the world with endless educational support. Many surgeons and individuals have benefited from the many clinical programs offered at VISIO Training Academy.

ISR Banco de Ojos Mexico

In 2012, ISR Eye Bank established the ISR Banco de Ojos Mexico located in Mexico City, Mexico. Helping The World See® is a motto ISR Eye Bank lives by. Mexico has a large population of indigent patients where corneal diseases are prevalent. ISR Eye Bank completely funds all operations at ISR Banco de Ojos Mexico and provides the infrastructure needed for an international eye bank. ISR Banco de Ojos Mexico has provided thousands of corneas to the Mexican population. ISR Eye Bank continues to innovate new ways to make a difference in the world, one eye bank at a time.


ISR Eye Bank has funded all World Sight Initiative programs with the services we provide. In 2014, ISR Eye Bank started accepting donations from the public. With the financial donations of the community, ISR Eye Bank would be able to create new programs under the World Sight Initiative while strengthening the existing ones. ISR Eye Bank is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization and any financial donations given will go to support our mission, Helping The World See®.