ISR Banco de Ojos Mexico

ISR Banco de Ojos Mexico was established by ISR Eye Banks U.S.A. in April of 2012. Christina Sanchez Miller, MPH, CEBT appointed Dr. Roberto Quintero Castañon as the Medical Director and Carmen González Santos as the Director of Operations Mexico. ISR Banco de Ojos Mexico is incorporated as a civil association of Mexico and licensed as an eye bank with COFEPRIS. ISR Banco de Ojos Mexico is responsible for restoring eye sight to over 500 Mexican patients annually. Mexican surgeons can register here.

  • Dr. Roberto Quintero Castanon

    Dr. Roberto Quintero Castañon

    Dr. Roberto Quintero Castañon received his medical degree from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma of Mexico. He specializes in Retina/Vitreo pathology and surgery with a subspecialty of refractive corneal surgery and external diseases. Dr. Quintero has been an ophthalmologist since 1998 and is considered an expert in Lasik and corneal transplants. Dr. Quintero has served as the ISR Banco de Ojos Mexico Medical Director since the inception in 2012.

  • Carmen Gonzalez Santos

    Carmen González Santos

    Carmen González Santos has worked in ocular distribution at a local eye hospital since 1996 prior to her start at ISR Banco de Ojos Mexico. She received her degree in Business Administration at the Universidad del Valle de México. She was appointed Director of Operations Mexico in 2012. She is responsible for overseeing the operations of ISR Banco de Ojos Mexico by providing corneal grafts to the Mexican population.