Corneal Graft Preparation Services

ISR’s innovative approach to eye banking allows us to give our surgeons and eye banks the latest techniques in eye banking. ISR understands the medical field is continuously advancing and therefore has a team exploring the latest implementations in equipment and ophthalmic surgery. ISR prepares all ocular tissue in a certified ISO Class 5 Clean Room, the highest in the industry. ISR Eye Banks also has certified ISO Class 7 & 8 Clean Rooms for all eye bank functions, thus reducing the risk considerably for cross contamination. ISR offers eye banks and surgeons quality preparation services for DSAEK, DMEK, DALK, and SALK procedures. ISR utilizes the advanced Moria microkeratome for many of its procedures. ISR has an educated pool of staff members that are qualified to perform preparations. ISR has one of the lowest preparation fees in the nation and offers preparation services 24 hours a day.


  • NANO-Cut™ Precise (thickness < 100 µ)
  • NANO-Cut™ Classic (thickness 100 µ-200 µ)


  • Punch Ready DMEK™

Nano-Cut Commercial